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Eyebrows are the frame of your face. So imagine waking up every day with that done? Yes, no more makeup! 

Eyebrow micropigmentation can be done in a couple of different techniques, Microblading (just hair strokes), Shading (more defined), or Hybrid (combination of microblading and shading). 

The technique should be chosen after a deep evaluation of your skin type, personality and life style. 

Procedure Time: 2 hours

How Long Does it Last: 1 to 2 years



Designed for those who would love to be ready all the time, without spending time doing their makeup. The eyeliner procedure can be done on different shapes, always considering your own eye shape. Great for those who are looking for an "Open Eye" look.

Procedure Time: 1 hour

How Long Does it Last: 2 to 5 years



SOS Eyebrows are promoted to recover eyebrows that have suffered with bad procedures — or old brows who have changed color. 

These procedures are always done after a deep evaluation to understand the history, the actual case, and the future of the brows, following the client's wishes and necessities. Our SOS procedures are mixed with Organic Depigmentation, Laser Depigmentation or Colorimetry.



Lip micropigmentation is an innovative technique of Permanent Makeup, which allows you to enhance the natural beauty of your lips in the most natural way. Intensify the color of your lip, correct their shape, and give them the most seductive look without the use of cosmetic injections.

Procedure Time: 2/3 hours

How Long Does it Last: 2 to 5 years

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